Hello everyone! I have not done an exclusive blog post in a while so I thought this would be the perfect time to whip up an in-depth review of the BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette. This palette has been around and is definitely not a new released but people have been raving about it non-stop so I was highly tempted to buy it. Hope you enjoy this review!


The BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette is a 35 colour eyeshadow palette and it is $18.00 USD so that would be around $26.00 AUD. It is not extremely inexpensive but we have to understand that it is consisted of 35 eyeshadows colors so the price point is quite worthy with the amount you get.

COLOUR SELECTION (From Left to Right) 


The colours do not have names but I’ll try to give brief descriptions of each colour so that you know what you’re buying. I will be stating the colours from left to right, row by row (so from the first pink to the deep berry purple on the right is one row).

Row 1:
  1. Shimmer: Light pink with slight gold chrome.
  2. Matte: Hot Pink with a subtle neon tinge.
  3. Matte: Vibrant yellow.
  4. Matte: Highlighter yellow (almost slight green hue to it).
  5. Matte: Vibrant bright green.
  6. Matte: Vibrant light blue.
  7. Matte: Slight teal and blue.
  8. Matte: Berry toned purple.
Row 2:
  1. Shimmer: Light peach with gold chrome.
  2. Satin Matte: Deep pink with slight sheen.
  3. Duo-chrome: Orange and gold duo chrome.
  4. Subtle Shimmer: Yellow-ish green with slight gold shimmer.
  5. Shimmer: Mint green.
  6. Satin Matte: Slight denim blue.
  7. Satin Matte: Cobalt blue.
Row 3:
  1. Shimmer: Rose pink with slight shimmer.
  2. Satin Matte: Orange-ish red.
  3. Matte: Light orange.
  4. Matte: Light yellow.
  5. Matte: Vibrant Green.
  6. Matte: Teal.
  7. Matte: Deep denim blue.
  8. Satin Matte: Grape purple.
Row 4:
  1. Satin Matte: Deep rose pink.
  2. Shimmer: Reddish copper.
  3. Shimmer: Bronze copper.
  4. Shimmer: Greenish gold.
  5. Shimmer: Similar to the previous one except it pulls a lot more green on my eyes.
  6. Shimmer: Minty green with gold shimmers.
  7. Satin Matte: This one has more of a sheen to it, it’s a navy blue.
  8. Satin Matte: Amethyst purple with a sheen.
Row 5:
  1. Shimmer: Pink, peachy duo-chrome.
  2. Matte: Black.
  3. Shimmer: Green duo-chrome.

Overall Thoughts for Color Quality & Selection: 

If you are looking for an inexpensive and extensive eyeshadow palette for creative makeup looks then this is the palette for you! It has almost all of the colors required to come up with endless looks and it’s bound to match any of your outfits or moods. I like that despite the bright colours, they also decided to put regular golds and coppers in there and a black which you can use to darken any colour. However, I do wish they could have had a brighter, vibrant red. The way the other vibrant colors were formulated, I do not expect that BH cosmetics would find it too hard to formulate a gorgeous red within this palette because I personally think they could gotten rid of one or two of the pinks because some of them end up being quite repetitive. They could’ve even gotten rid of one of the vibrant yellows because the difference is just too little. Maybe also added a light matte purple like the green and yellow too?


The pigmentation for the shimmer are amazing on the first swipe. The mattes do not need some building but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing considering how intimidating these colours can be when using them. They sit well on my skin and blend really nicely. I used greens in a GRWM (coming soon) and it doesn’t seem to have fallout but fall out does not matter to me that much either. I will also say the more milkier and neon-ish the colour, it more you have to build as well.


I’d definitely recommend this palette! I feel like BH cosmetics is a really good source for beginning makeup users because they have so much variety in their makeup products especially eyeshadows and it’s always for a good price. While things do get expensive from the US to Australia, even in Australian dollars, I’ve seen ridiculous prices with this many colors in a palette and this palette is not one of them. Let me know if you have any other questions about this palette or if you have tried it, you can tell us your thoughts in the comments down below! I’d love to hear other people’s experiences on using this extremely well-known palette. Other than that, I will see you soon, bye


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