Finding the right skincare products can be a real pain especially if you have a complicated skin type. Personally, listing only 5 products for skincare sounds very nerve-racking because my skin care routine does not always consist of only five people. But this is narrowed down for people who are new to skincare, maybe you’re young and just starting to see acne come on or you just want to change up your skincare somehow. These are only FIVE of my recommended skincare product that you should try out in 2018.



I bought this around late 2017 because I wanted a toner that didn’t have alcohol in it but still helped with acne prone and combination skin. It didn’t CURE my acne but it didn’t break me out which is already a good thing and it does give moisture to my skin after I wash my face. Toner essentially balances the pH levels on your face after you wash your face and it can also be used a light cleanser in the morning. It has salicylic acid which helps clear up acne to an extent and Snail Secretion Filtrate to balance the moisture in the skin. I definitely believe that it does these things but you also have to remember that I have a whole routine to take care of my acne so it’s not JUST this product that cures the acne on my face. But if you need a good toner for acne prone skin, this is my top recommendation!

Price: $22.01 (via iherb)




I never thought there would come a day where I would have this much snail secretion in my skincare routine but guess what, my skin happens to love it. This essence is good at softening the texture on your skin. It doesn’t make your skin greasy, just enhances the hydration and moisture you have on your skin which helps with texture. I’ve gone through one bottle of this and I can honestly say that my texture has been looking really nice now. Anyone out there with texture problems on their skin, check this essence out!

Price: $24.45 (via iherb).




Anyone with acne must have heard of this brand. I love Clearasil’s acne treatments the most especially these rapid action pads. It says it reduces the appearance of pimples in four hours which I’m not sure about because I use it at night but it does help with my acne a lot. After using these pads, my pimples and major breakouts cease to exist nowadays which is such a blessing. Although my only downside is that because it’s such a strong acne treatment, it can dry out your skin more than usual. Which is why I use the Cosrx Essence to balance out my moisture again. Also this does have alcohol which makes dries out the skin much more so please be careful of that. Make sure you have a strong moisturizer to balance out your skin. Other than that, these pads are a must-have!

Price: $14.49 (via priceline).




These two beauties have been a ride or die skincare product for me for a long time so it’s no surprise that I still am dedicated to using it. If you have combination skin then this is the perfect moisturizer for you because it’s water based so it doesn’t clog your pores and keeps you properly hydrated (drink your water still though). It’s so refreshing to apply except this isn’t as strong of a moisturizer if you have extremely dry skin so you might have to find something else.

Price: $17.49 (via priceline).




Of course, what kind of a skincare post would it be without suggesting a good sunscreen? My favourite is definitely this Neutrogena one mainly because it doesn’t give me much of a purple film over my skin (I’m not as dark though so if you’re darker than me, you might have to check if it does it for you). It doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my skin which is one of my pet peeves about sunscreens. Make sure you apply every two hours (even though I forget to do that most of the time but it is more effective). Give this sunscreen a try if you’re looking for a good light weight option!

Price: $11.89 (via priceline).


And there you have it! 5 simple products that I feel like are worth buying and would give you good results hopefully since everyone’s skin is different. Hope you lovelies like this little pst and I will see you again soon! Bye! – A


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