I’m sure at this point if you’re caught up with makeup news, you know what Fenty Beauty is and the hype that it brought along with its releases. There are hundreds of reviews for this foundation out there already but I wanted to an in-depth one on my blog to show you what my own thoughts are.


The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation is $50.00 AUD, with a matte and skin-like finish. Be sure to shake the bottle well as the product does separate (I’m not taking any points off from that because it does say on the bottle to shake it). It’s available in Sephora from I know so far.

SHADES [9/10]

Aside from the fact that Rihanna made this foundation line, the shade range is one to admire and has gained most of its popularity from that. The line has 40 shades with a variety of light, medium, dark and deep dark shades. I have seen in many reviews that this foundation mostly runs warm rather than cool. The shade I use is 330. While it is workable because I run on the warmer side, it does look a little too yellow for my liking so I might go for a different colour next time hopefully with a more warm peachy undertone. I understand what the brand must have been doing however since a lot of other companies tend to have their foundations run red or pink.


This is where I’ll have cut off points. For reference, I have oily combination skin meaning I am oily in some parts and dry in other parts of my face. The foundation has a nice, skin-like coverage which means if you have acne then it’s not going to cover everything in two pumps so be mindful of that. Coming back to my skin type, while my mouth area is the ‘dry’ part of my face, it seems to separate and capture onto places. The problem is I don’t know what it’s capturing onto. This usually happens after four hours or so of wear and usually around my driest area.

So if you have dry skin in general then I would suggest to stay away from this foundation. In my previous review on the NARS Sheer Glow foundation, I addressed an issue of the foundation capturing onto dry patches which I advised that people exfoliate and moisturise well before applying. In this case,  I did these steps but still received the same result of the skin around my mouth making it look like I didn’t blend out my foundation when it looked fine four hours ago. Which is why I only use this foundation when I’m doing makeup posts on Instagram because it doesn’t require it to stay put on my face for very long.


If you’re not used to blending out foundations that dry quickly then steer clear of this product. I’ve never owned a product that dried so instantly, while it’s great if it’s blended out but when you’re still struggling to blend out your entire face, it can get a little messy. You’ll get patches all over your face where it stuck onto your skin. This is why I gave it lower points than usual but it didn’t fail because when you do blend it out well, it gives off a beautiful finish. If you like natural coverage anyway.

For me (I do have quite a bit of acne on my cheeks), I need four pumps to cover everything so be mindful of that when you’re buying this.


Wet beauty blender is the way to go for a foundation this matte to ensure that the application is clean. This is especially if you don’t want to spend money on the brush that goes with it since it’s the same price as the foundation in Australia.


Rihanna mixed into it, I think we all can unanimously agree that it’s not going to be cheap. Although $50.00 AUD is not bad considering my go-to foundation is $68.00 AUD but no matter how much hype this foundation got, it didn’t beat my NARS Sheer Glow. Take the price how you wish but for a high-end brand and Rihanna, it’s not a bad price.


I do support the movement of diversity in beauty that Fenty Beauty provided but in all honesty, it’s not the first time its been done. Bobbi Brown, MAC, NARS and many others were here for everyone for a long time. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that Fenty Beauty did change the standards of just how many shades should be released on the first hand. No more after thought dark shades. Now that people see that brands can release dark shades on the first release, it will create a wave of new requirements for the beauty industry. Exactly why people were breaking up with Tarte when they came out with their foundation line after Fenty. It’s not a good look to come out with the collection that they did after a company much younger than them came out with forty off the bat.

So I love the movement behind Fenty Beauty as a brand but I have to say, I’m going to need a little more from this foundation then what it gave me. I’m not going to stop supporting the brand because I’m hoping Rihanna might come out with a foundation that’s a different finish since equality in beauty doesn’t stop at shades.


Thank you so much for reading this review, I hope you found it helpful if you were planning on buying it! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below and I will get to you as soon as possible. Other than that, I’ll see you soon! Bye! – A.


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