Hey everyone! I’ve got a little tutorial for you today. I don’t know how good it’s gonna be since it’s quite a simple look with regular colours unlike my last tutorial but I hope some of the techniques I’ve learnt help you out today! Also give me your opinions on whether you want this written out tutorial or a video so I know how I’m supposed to present it when I post next time. I hope you lovelies enjoy!



  • NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in “Tahoe”.
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in “Biscuit”.
  • NARS Soft Velvet Loose Power in “Mountain”.
  • Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder in “Medium”.
  • Revlon Colourstay Mineral Bronzer.
  • Karity Professional Contour Kit.


  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.
  • Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara.
  • Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing.
  • Mecca Cosmetica Enhancing False Lashes.


  • Revlon Flushed Rougissant 200.
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Patina”.
  • Any lip balm you have!



After doing my regular skin care routine, I went in with my trusty NARS Sheer Glow foundation in the shade “Tahoe” and just put two pumps on the back of my hand before dotting it all over my face. Then I blended it out with a damp beauty sponge. When blending out my foundation, I left out the skin around my eyes to add in the concealer. If you have more wrinkles around your eyes than this may help your concealer from creasing too much since there will be less product in that area.

Speaking of concealer, that’s our next step! Be sure in order to highlight to use a concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) that is one or two shades lighter than your original skin tone. Dot on just a little bit lower than your under eye. Once again if you crease easily under your eye, try not to make your concealer literally touch your lower lash line; try to place the product just low enough that it meets the highest points of your cheeks and then blend it out on your under eye. This is so the product doesn’t cake up right under your eyes.

Time to set everything with powder! This is very important especially if you have oily skin since you don’t want all that hard work blending to be ruined or transferred onto someone’s shirt if you want to hug. Since this is a very soft look, I went for a lightweight powder (Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder) that I used all over face and under my eyes using a brush to preserve a little of luminescence of my skin underneath. But of course if you want it to be more flawless and get more coverage, you can pat a light layer of a powder foundation!

For a little face sculpt, I decided to go for more of a contour (Karity Professional Contour Kit in “ than a bronzer so try and find yourself a powder that is more of a grey brown rather than a red based brown. Grab a soft tapered like brush and suck in your cheeks to find where you’re supposed to place the contour powder and just lightly blend it out. Be sure to have a light hand if you’re not used to contouring and it will help you get a more flawless finish!

I was a bit indecisive on whether to have a luminous bronzy cheek or a flushed pink cheek so I just decided to do both. Once again suck in your cheeks to very lightly place a luminous bronzer (Revlon Colourstay Mineral Bronzer). The reason I did this was because it just gives a very light and extremely subtle luminosity to my face. And then I placed a little flush of blush on the apples of my cheeks to give a little sweet, innocent look.


The main palette I used for this look was the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette so the names I will state in the brackets will be from this palette!

The first thing I did for my eyes was place a matte eyeshadow that’s lighter than my own skin tone to make the colours pop just a little (“White Chocolate”). The pink colour that I’m using is so hard to look…well, pink on my skin tone as you can see from the photos but I promise you it is a pink colour. If you are lighter than me then the look would have more of a colour payoff but if you’re darker than I would suggest putting a lighter colour like a nude or a white to make it pop just a bit more.

Next I will go on with a deeper strawberry caramel type colour (“Salted Caramel”) and place it on the outer corners of my eyes with a soft blending brush. I also blended the same colour on my lower lash line to give my eyes more of a dimension. Then I moved onto the light pink colour (“Strawberry Bon Bon”) and place it all over my lid blending it with our outer corner colour. To deepen out my upper lashline a tiny bit more, I used a darker pink colour (“Amaretto” – this is a shimmery eyeshadow so just place it in the middle of Salted Caramel and Strawberry Bon Bon just to make everything seamless) and a berry colour (“Cherry Cordial”).

Next to define my lash line a bit more, I decided to put a thin line of black liquid/felt tip eyeliner (Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing) right over it. Try to keep your hand steady and very close (almost touch it) to your lash line so it doesn’t get messy.

Last but certainly not least, I coated on some mascara (Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara) and I put on some lashes (Mecca Cosmetica Enhancing False Lashes). If you are new to lashes I would suggest you using a tweezer to apply it since it makes it so much easier to apply the product properly. Also remember to wait about 20-30 seconds for the lash glue to dry before put it on so it places itself without making a mess! Also if there’s any gaps left where the lash is showing just cheekily put some eyeliner on there and no one will know. Well they might but it wouldn’t be obvious.


For lips, I first went with a cheek tint (Revlon Flushed Rougissant 200) just to give my lips a more baby pink look before applying a mauve pink colour on top (Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick) just on the inner parts where my lips meet when they close. And then blend the lipstick out with my finger to the outer parts of my lips just to make the look less harsh but still get that mauve colour. Then I went in with a regular lip balm and just dabbed some over the top with my finger. Since the liquid lipstick is now thinly applied on your lips, applying something creamy over it should be fine!

And there you have it, a cute little soft pink look! Well I don’t know how cute it is exactly but I’m sure you’ll make it look cute somehow. I hope you lovelies found this helpful and enjoyable. Let me know if you like me talking through the tutorial in this way or you want a video of me demonstrating the makeup tutorial because I have debating on which I should do for these kinds of posts. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments down below and I will get to them as soon as possible. Other than that I will see you very soon, bye! – A.


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