Hey beauties! I’m so sorry for the delayed post, life’s been very hectic lately but here I am with a very popular and inexpensive product in the beauty industry. LA Girl is a quite a well known brand with amazing reviews that seems like it won’t break the bank too much so it intrigued me to try something out. Colour correcting is something I’m personally very new at but once I got used to it, it’s a really good technique for those people who just want the coverage without caking up too much foundation. So let’s take a look!

LA Girl Pro Conceal retails for $11.00 AUD at Since I wanted to dip my toe into the pool of colour correcting, I decided to get myself an orange corrector but they do have other shades besides colour correctors. Firstly, this colour is far too rich for my skin tone. I am of a medium skin tone but I am a little too light for a full orange corrector. However this colour will be a appropriate for darker skin tones.

coverClose up of LA Girl Pro Conceal (Orange Corrector).

If you do not know what colour correcting is at this point, it’s basically a technique where you use different colours that can counteract certain problems with the skin e.g. peach/orange is used to cancel out dark marks or green cancels out red. I know this is not the most expert definition but it’s as simple as I can put it for beginners like me since I’m still learning the whole concept.

The coverage of this concealer/corrector is amazing and you don’t need to use nearly as much foundation to cover the problematic areas. Of course, be sure not to use too much corrector because it can peek through your foundation which is not the best look. Unless it’s something you’re looking to do.

Regardless of this colour being too rich for my skin tone personally, I’ve used a tiny amount on my finger and then blended it onto my dark circles and my acne scars. Since it is so rich I could still see the orange but once that foundation got blended in, everything was put into place so I have little complaints about the colour too much. If you’re much lighter than me however than I wouldn’t suggest this colour but their peach corrector which is more suitable for lighter skin tones.

Overall, I know this is a small review but I do have a few ideas on future posts coming up don’t worry. But my general thoughts on this product is that it is a recommendation from me, I loved using this product while I’ve had it and it’s made my life easier. If you want to get into colour correcting but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it then this is the concealer for you!

And that is it, beauties! Once again, incredibly sorry for this really short review. If you want me to go into further detail about this product let me know in the comments below along with any other questions you might have. Other than that, I will see you again soon! – A.

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