Hey guys! Now there wasn’t a huge hype about this brand, I think I have only heard of three beauty influencers talk about them thus far. Which is strange considering the whole idea of this brand is genius! My first purchase was as you can see a contour kit since I feel like it was a nice place to start since so many contour kits are extremely expensive. Not that an average person would really need one but if you’re like me or any other beauty enthusiast then this could be a good place to start without breaking the bank so much. If you would like to know my thoughts on these products then continue on reading!

Firstly, in a nutshell (and in my own words, of course), Karity is a brand created to actually design dupes for high end products. I was very intrigued by the story of this making as well which you can find on their website!

My first purchase as I said before was their highlight and contour kit mostly because I didn’t have one in my possession yet. I also wasn’t quite ready to spend over $60.00 on a high end product since I wanted to get myself acquainted with using a contour kit first.

I managed to get this contour kit for a lovely $24.00 AUD at karity.com. All the powders are buttery and pigmented nicely; there are three highlight shades and three sculpting shades coming to an overall six colours.


HIGHLIGHT SHADES (First Row/ Left-Right)

Tempess – is a matte highlight shade with peachy beige undertones. Since I do have a medium skin tone, this won’t be the best highlight shade for me so I tend to stay away from it but if you’re lighter than me than this is perfect!

Antidote – is another matte highlight shade with a yellow undertone. Now this is perfect for me as a highlight shade and an overall light face setting powder. You do need go in with a light hand though because these powders are pigmented!

Lynx – is a shimmery highlighter with light peachy, pink undertones. This works nicely on me but if you’re darker than me then this might not be as complimentary. I’m not really sure but it’s just quite light from the usual highlighters I go for so I don’t know how well it is going to work. But it couldn’t hurt to try!

CONTOURING SHADES (Second Row/Left-Right)

Mandy – is a matte contour shade with cool and very faint reddish undertones. It’s a proper in between shade of contouring and a little bit of bronzing because of that red undertone. Beautiful shade!

Smirk – is a matte contour shade with cool greyish undertone. This is that contour shade that you use when you really want to sculpt out those cheekbones. I don’t see any red in this, it’s just the perfect contour cool brown.

Exhibition – I wouldn’t necessarily call this a contour shade since it does have more of a warm red undertone than a cool one. But if you prefer a warmer contour then this is perfect for you. I use this as a bronzer mostly and it’s just perfect for my skin tone.

Overall, I don’t think any average person needs a contour kit (unless you want one), this review was mostly for people who wanted a contour kit that wouldn’t break the bank. I definitely think this is worth the saving but of course, that is for you to decide as always. If you have any questions down below or if you want me to do a tutorial using this kit, let me know. Other than that, I will see you beauties very soon. Bye! – A.

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