It’s always nice to have new lipsticks released especially with the entire liquid lipstick craze still strongly standing in the makeup industry. Along with Tarte’s new Colour Splash Hydrating Lipstick line, Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick have possible the widest range of lipstick shades that’s been done thus far. Mecca was amazing enough to add a range of lipstick samples in their Beauty Loop Program Boxes which allowed me to be able to gather up some points on the product. Let’s take a look!


For those of you who are not aware of Mecca’s Beauty Loop program, it’s basically a customer benefit program where if you spend a certain amount of money in a year, you will be able to get different types of benefits such as makeup lessons, applications etc. So for example if you spend $300 a year you will be able to get a Beauty Loop Level 1 box and a complimentary makeup application on your birthday. More information on this can be found at mecca.com.au!


There are 100 shades in the entire Vice Lipstick line which is the largest range of colours I have seen released and I was thankfully given eight beautiful shades which are swatched below.


  1. Backtalk – (comfort matte) Mauve Pink.
  2. Firebird – (cream) Fuchsia.
  3. Pandemonium – (matte) True Purple.
  4. Disturbed – (matte) Deep Berry.
  5. 714 – (comfort matte) Fire Engine Red.
  6. Rock Steady – (cream) Deep Red.
  7. Big Bang – (metallic) Pink.
  8. Conspiracy – (metallic) Milk Chocolate Brown.


Since I acquired the lipstick samples, I use a flat lip brush to apply the product onto my lips which is a factor to take into consideration. This is because application qualities may be different with a lip brush than the actual lipstick but of course the lipstick quality itself doesn’t change.

All the shades were extremely pigmented from the first swipe and applied beautifully on the lips except for Pandemonium and Big Bang which need a little bit more work in order to achieve full pigmentation. Disturbed also took one more layer for the full amount of coverage but it was nothing completely impossible to work around.


The Metallic Finish lipsticks are the least long lasting especially after a meal or two since the glitters kind of disperse and come off of the lips. The mattes and even the creams are quite long lasting and sometimes hard to remove by the end of the day but with a little coconut oil, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.


While I did receive this packaging from benefit program, the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick retails for $28.00 at mecca.com.au. Which is quite a reasonable price for a high-end lip product that has multiple qualities for a good lipstick. If you want to start diving into more luxury brand products then this is the perfect price to start with!

Overall, I think these lipsticks are a good line to turn to when looking to buy new high-end lip products especially with the range of shades that are available. Whether you’re a bold or neutral beauty, it’s all there for you to use! This is definitely a recommendation from me as a staple lipstick for any makeup lover!

That is it, my beauties! I hope you found this helpful and it gave you an indication if this is worth buying for you or not. Let me know your thoughts on these lipsticks in the comments down below or if you just have some questions. Until then, I’ll see you again next Tuesday, bye! – A.

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