A lot of you beauties are probably already familiar with the amount of luxury products that are booming into the beauty industry such as the Glam Glow Mask which shouldn’t be a surprising name to anyone at this point. Similar to that, we have Forever Flawless which is a luxury skincare brand that’s centered around making its products diamond-infused, designed for anti-aging and other properties. When first hearing this, I was instantly attracted and gathered down my thoughts on two products purchased from their White Diamond Collection. Let’s have a look!


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The Diamond Infused Peeling Gel (retails for $179.00 in is essentially a scrub-like product which you use once or twice a week and it cleans out all the dirt off your face leaving it clean and smooth. There are instant results after one use and it does improve the texture of the skin within approximately three-four weeks depending on how often you do it. But my suggestion is to only do it twice a week at a majority since it is basically peeling off a dead layer off your face and overdoing it may risk stripping your skin.

This product is evidently a collector’s item designed for people who are specifically interested in luxury skincare. If you are on a budget, then it’s quite obvious that it might not be the best choice. And in all honesty, you’re not missing out on anything miraculous. Especially since there is not a lot of product to rely on despite only using it once a week. Is this a recommendation from me for everyone to have? No it’s not. However, I do recommend it to people who are willing to buy this product for collection’s sake.


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The Diamond Infused HYDRA-AM Moisture Complex Cream retails for $199.00 at This product was requested to be used after the Peeling Gel since it has the apparently unique qualities of absorbing into the skin quicker than a normal moisturizer would. It has a light consistency that would be fitting for people with skin on the oilier side as it is less likely for the moisturizer to clog your pores. The results were tested on my hand by the salespeople in one of the Forever Flawless stores and it wasn’t a lie, it did absorb quickly after use of the Peeling Gel combined. When used without the Peeling Gel, it acts like any other moisturizer and absorbs into the skin at a normal rate. Unfortunately, my skin didn’t react positively when using this product as I started getting break outs after a week or so and the moisturizer seemed like the obvious culprit since I hadn’t changed anything else in my routine.

The price point on this product as well is a head scratcher. Since it does not have qualities worth spending this amount on unless an extra $179.00 is spent to buy the Peeling Gel for it to do something miraculous. While I see where the salespeople were trying to go with the selling technique of a moisturizer absorbing into my skin faster than usual, it simply does not appeal any interest for that steep amount of money. However once again if you are looking to collecting luxury items like these then this is a good choice as well because everyone’s skin is different and yours may act a dissimilar way than mine.

Overall, my thoughts on these products are that they’re just for luxury purposes. The packages are gorgeous and would look lovely on anyone’s vanity. There’s not a lot of skincare qualities that stand out compared to products that are far more inexpensive. But if you are looking for something new to try out and willing to spend a bit extra cash then these could be a good start!

And there we go, beauties! I hope you found this helpful and it sort of gave you an idea on just what this product is about. I know it can be scary looking at these luxury items and trying to figure out if they’re worth it or not. If you have any more questions, let me know in the comments down below and I’ll try to get to you as soon as possible. See you next Tuesday, bye! – A.

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