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University is quickly coming around the corner and with all the hassle of getting fees ready, books compiled and laptops being bought when the day does come we’re all left with one question. ‘What do I wear?’ And then for people who take their outfits very seriously (like myself) start to panic. Never fear, beauties, I’ve listed a couple of things you can take into account when choosing what to wear to University during summer which will be able to relate to any type of fashion sense as closely as possible. Let’s take a look!



Whatever university you’re attending, there’s going to be a lot of walking involved from the bus/train station or to your lecture room itself. Sneakers, converses and just shoes made for a long period of walking are the best choice you can make when choosing footwear. Unless you’re somehow comfortable in heels or pumps when walking long distances then by all means go for it. But if you don’t want blisters and pain every time you go for a class then it’s only better for you to wear sneakers/converses etc. There are so many beautiful options online or at Myer stores that will last you for a couple of years.


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Lots and lots of denim whether it be shorts or skirts etc. Preferably the classic blue or washed blue denim since the summers here in Australia don’t take kindly to people wearing black. While it is highly fashionable if worn right, black absorbs heat which makes it the last thing you should reach for in your wardrobe especially with the amount of walking in the sun you’re most likely going to do at this time of year. Denim is very convenient as you can pair it with anything and it will look absolutely gorgeous as if you’ve taken a lot of time to plan your outfit even though it only took five minutes!

Two other big musts for summer dressing is cotton and linen. These materials are generally very flowy and keep you cool through the day. There will be some days where cool breezes are nowhere to be found so these types of materials really help you from getting overheated.



Layers might not seem like the ideal attire for summer but it doesn’t take away the importance of being covered. Australian summer is not kind on the skin and direct exposure with no sun protection can have multiple consequences health wise. It can go from beautiful tan to painful sunburn to dangerous skin health issues quicker than you would expect if you don’t pace yourself. Thus, having a light, thin cardigan or shawl at hand whenever you have to walk out into the sunlight is always a good choice for the sake of your skin. It can also add an extra touch to your outfit if you are wearing a normal, plain T-shirt and jeans.



Dresses are always a good choice to go for if you don’t really want to match which pants/skirt go with which T-shirt. Or if you just feel comfortable in dresses on a daily basis. Flowy, light dresses that you can just throw on with your shawl and sneakers make the perfect university attire especially when you’re in a rush and you still want to look cute for the day!



Tote bags are the staple carrier a lot of university students use for their books and laptops etc. It comes in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs with different options for designs. My suggestion for a tote bag would be find one that has a zipper for safety purposes since you don’t want people sliding their hand in there if you’re not paying attention to it. If you have a laptop, make sure to get one that’s big enough to carry it in but not too bulky that your shoulder starts giving out. Especially in this heat ,heavy bags will not be your best friend.

For those who don’t want their bags hanging on their shoulder, ruck sacks are also a good option for baggage since it’s not completely huge but still big enough to carry your textbooks and laptops. Most of them are also very secure and it will prevent you from carrying things around since it’s all rested on your back.

And there you go, these are some tips I have for anyone who is lost on what to wear to University or wants to change their style around a little! I hope you found this helpful and congratulations to everyone who received to their chosen University. If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, leave a comment down below and I will get to you as soon as possible. Until then I will see you next Tuesday, bye! – A.

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