The liquid lipstick trend prominently stormed through the makeup industry in 2016 and it’s still very much alive in 2017. From the luxury Too Faced Melted Matte to drugstore NYX Liquid Suede, it’s pretty evident that it has grown to be a favourite amongst beauty guru’s and makeup artists everywhere. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick has been a staple of my mine all through the holidays up to this day since it’s become a liquid lipstick I can trust to actually stay on all day. I’ve gathered a few details and points on this liquid lipstick if you’re thinking of buying it as a beginner product or to add to your liquid lipstick collection. I hope you enjoy!


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (3ML) retails for $35.00 AUD at It ranges in 20 shades with a comfort matte finish and lasts for a long period of time on the lips without cracking or breaking apart. Liquid lipsticks in general are designed to be long lasting but there are only a few that fully live up to the claim. It has a sweet candy-like scent to it that is strong but not completely overpowering if you hate smells in your lipsticks. The quality of the product is very impressive; it feels comfortable throughout the day and it doesn’t crumble even as you wipe it off at night. On the first swipe when applying on the lips, it is intensely pigmented and easy to spread around without looking very streaky. The quality of the colour payoff clearly shows in the darker colours as only one dip into the bottle is needed for full coverage all over the lips.



Application is extremely easy, there is not a lot of work that needs to be put into it. If you’re quite messy with applying liquid lipsticks (which all of us are at some point) then you might need a lip liner to work with it easily since the colours are very pigmented. The applicator itself is medium length so if you have smaller lips then it may be harder to work with it without it messing up on the edges. In that scenario, I would suggest applying the lipstick in the centre of your lips and then dispersing that amount evenly. Due to the amount of pigmentation it will settle nicely without looking streaky depending on how much you put. This is also a tip if you don’t like harsh lines around your lips especially with nudes!


Longevity is very impressive for a lipstick that’s not extremely drying. The Stila Liquid Lipsticks lives up to its name ‘Stay All Day’ as it will not budge as soon as you put it on. The only time it will ever start to disappear slowly if it makes contact some form of oil or if you’ve been rubbing your lips with a napkin too much while eating. Other than that, the things this lipstick goes through in a day without deteriorating is highly admirable so if you’re looking for a good long lasting liquid lipstick that’s not drying at all, this is definitely a winner!


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick retails for $35.00 which is granted a lot of money spent on one lipstick. However, Stila is a luxury brand and the quality of this product does live up to the name and claims that it comes with. The amount within the package is also something worth noting as some luxury brands tend to have very little product for a high price. If you like collecting liquid lipsticks regardless of the pricing then this is a nice choice to have. Additionally if you want to buy your first high end liquid lipstick, this would for sure give you some impressive results.

Overall, the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is a high recommendation from me if you’re on the hunt for a good liquid lipstick but can’t decide without being buried in so many choices of brands. It’s the perfect pigmented, long lasting and comfortable liquid lipstick any beauty needs to have in their makeup bag.

And that is it for today, beauties! I hope you found this helpful and maybe were convinced to buy this lovely product. If you do let me know in the comments down below how they worked for you (maybe if they didn’t work for you, share your story!). Until then I will see you next Tuesday, bye and Happy Valentine’s Day! – A.

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