Dozens of eye shadow palettes that have sprung out from major beauty brands have made every makeup lover go wild from high end Urban Decay Naked 1/2/3 to the beloved Morphe 35O. Too Faced takes the cake on having the most unique designs and ideas for their eyeshadow products. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette retails for $70.00 at It also has been the product I always reach for whenever I need the perfect look for a certain event or just everyday wear. This review will be taking a much in-depth look at this uniquely created palette by a brand that consistently surprises us with by far the most adorable products in the industry. Let’s have a look!


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette consists of an array of natural browns, cute pinks, plums infused with real cocoa powder which provides that delicious chocolate scent as soon as the product is opened. It is cruelty free and retails for $70.00 at The pigmentation of these shadows is absolutely beautiful; some are extremely opaque with one swipe however there may be some that won’t appear on certain skin tones if the coverage is not built up gradually. This palette is compatible with creating a large amount of looks from really natural and every day to extremely smoky and dramatic.



There are 16 shades in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette consisting of 6 matte shades, 7 metallic shades and 3 shimmer shades. I have scored the amount of pigmentation each eyeshadow has out of 5 just so you can see which has the most colour payoff.

  1. Glided Ganache (slight shimmer) | green and gold duo chrome | 5/5.
  2. White Chocolate (matte) – Crème white | 4/5.
  3. Milk Chocolate (matte) – Medium light brown | 5/5.
  4. Black Forest Truffle (slight shimmer) – Deep purple with silver glitter | 5/5.
  5. Triple Fudge (matte) – Rich brown | 5/5.
  6. Salted Caramel (matte) – Flesh toned pink | 5/5.
  7. Marzipan (metallic like shimmer) – Warm toned crème shimmer with a blush pink hue | 5/5.
  8. Semi-Sweet (matte) – Medium dark brown | 5/5.
  9. Strawberry Bon Bon (matte) – Baby pink | 2/5.
  10. Candied Violet (slight shimmer) – Violet with pink glitters | 4/5.
  11. Amaretto (metallic like shimmer) – Deep rosy shade with a pink hue | 4/5.
  12. Hazelnut (shimmer) – Light brown | 5/5.
  13. Crème Brulee (metallic like shimmer) – True gold | 5/5.
  14. Haute Chocolate (shimmer) – Deep brown | 5/5.
  15. Cherry Cordial (matte with slight shimmer) – Deep plum with a light purple shimmer | 5/5.
  16. Champagne Truffle (shimmer) – Highlighter shade with pink and purple hues | 5/5.



Majority of the shades have amazing pigmentation save for a few that need a little bit more work to ensure full coverage. Particularly, Strawberry Bon-Bon is the only one that didn’t show up well on my skin tone since I am on the medium-dark side of the shade range so it may appear more pink on much lighter skin. Aside from that shade, everything else is diverse enough to fit every skin tone. However, a little thing I suggest you could do if you want to make use of this eyeshadow is that you could place it in the middle of your lips over a dark matte lipstick (I tried it with a deep, hot pink) to achieve a cute ombre lip!

While on the subject of using these eyeshadows for other purposes, you can also use shades like Crème Brulee, Champagne Truffle and Marzipan as highlights or lip toppers over matte lipsticks. I’ve also experimented using Crème Brulee as a wing over my black liner for that ‘stacked’ liner look that was trending for a while which turned out absolutely beautiful.

The darker mattes and shimmers such as Black Forest Truffle and Triple Fudge do have a little bit of fall out depending on how heavily you use it. Though it’s nothing that’s unworkable, just get some loose powder and it will brush away with ease.


Eyeshadow palettes have the tendency to last a very long time (up to 2 years with powders) and the Chocolate Bar Palette has shades that will allow you to make very good use of it in any occasion. That paired with the fact that Too Faced is a high-end brand and works with natural quality products, it does have a reasonable motives for its pricing. However, if you have a really tight budget and you don’t really mind not having the aesthetic of Too Faced products then I’m highly certain that you’d be able to find these colours and quality in lower end brands like Morphe or Colourpop.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is definitely a recommendation from me since it’s very versatile, you can use it as anything from an eyeshadow, highlighter or just something to give your lipstick a little extra something. It is very diverse and sparks a lot of creativity to create endless beautiful looks. The package is just gorgeous and if you’re starting to get into high-end makeup then this would be a good palette to start off with since it has a lot of ‘safe’ colours to just test it out and some not-so-safe ones as well to try some fun styles. Last but definitely not least, it smells like chocolate. There shouldn’t be a lot of explanation in that part since that alone is just amazing to have in your collection.

And that is it for my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review, I hope you beauties found this helpful and were maybe convinced to buy this because it really has saved my makeup looks a lot of the time when a new eyeshadow just didn’t work. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you would like to see me review something you might be curious about and I will see you again next time! – A.

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