Every makeup lover strives to find that soulmate foundation that they can reach for in any situation. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation has definitely been one of those foundations that have quickly become a lot of people’s ride or die product. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (retailing for $67.00 in has been a long time favourite of beauty bloggers, makeup gurus and runway makeup artists. It’s been my go-to foundation for almost a good year now and these are some things I’ve compiled in order to show you the pros and cons of this product along with some ways you may be able to solve any problems you may be facing while using this. Let’s take a look!


NARS Sheer Glow is a liquid foundation with medium, build-able coverage and a semi-matte like finish (do not be fooled by the words ‘sheer’ and ‘glow’). It retails for $67.00 at, the pump is sold separately for $6.00 at It has 30 ML of product in it which can last you a conveniently long time depending on how often you wear makeup or use the foundation. It does state in the Mecca website that it is suited for ‘dry/normal skin’, I have discovered that the product is more targeted towards the oily/combination skin family as there have been complaints about it capturing onto dry patches on the skin. However, it also does depend on the severity of your skin type and your foundation routine. Last but certainly not least, It has a widely diverse shade range consisting of 19 shades suitable for majority skin tones.


Like I said before, do not be fooled by the title “Sheer Glow” as the foundation does not resemble any of these traits. The foundation has a bit of a semi-matte finish to it with a hint of a glow and it has medium coverage, it’s nowhere near sheer. You can sheer it down to the coverage you like and make it heavier for those times where you need that full coverage. One thing I have noticed about building up the coverage is that if you go in with a huge amount of foundation at first, it does get caked up around certain crevices of the face and it takes a lot longer to blend it all out. My advice with that is to build it up in little portions and let it soak into the skin a little before moving onto the second layer in order to ensure that it doesn’t separate or gather in places. The foundation is blended in beautifully with both a foundation brush and makeup sponge. The NARS website also shows that you can apply and blend it in with your fingers so if you’re one of those beauties that love putting on foundation with your hands than this might just be the foundation for you!


The number one persisting problem in the makeup community especially in complexion products is the lack of diverse shades in them. We all know by now that there are only a handful brands (mostly high end) that have a good amount of shades in their foundation line and by good amount, I mean more than 10 or 15 with more than three undertones at the very least. NARS has moved itself onto that diverse foundations list. Now I know 19 may still be a bit lesser than some might want but it is still quite compatible with a lot of skin tones. The line ranges from pink undertones (e.g. Vallauris, Mont Blanc) to yellow undertones (e.g. Tahoe, Fiji) to extremely rich shades such as Khartoum and Trinidad. Despite this admittedly amazing range of colours, I do hope NARS would opt to throw in some in-between shades here and there to make it even more easily accessible than it already is.


There have been a few complaints on the foundation capturing onto dry patches in the skin. I myself have also experienced this especially during the winter months here in Australia when my skin starts getting much drier than normal. As I’ve stated in the ‘Coverage’ section, the foundation has a semi-matte finish therefore it will have the tendency to catch onto some dry skin depending on how severe your dry skin is. Some solutions to this problem can be to start exfoliating weekly, use a hydrating primer and prep your skin well before applying the foundation to ensure smooth application. Similar solution can be applied to those who have problems keeping on the product for a long period of time due to heavily oily skin. This may be prevented if you blot your skin after moisturizing to get rid of access shine, use a matte primer and try to set your makeup with powder to control oil.


NARS is a high-end brand therefore the products are not cheap and something to keep your budget in mind with. The foundation does come with a pump on its own which has you buy a separate pump for an extra $6.00. If you’re not on a budget (or you just don’t mind not having a pump with your foundation), then this might not be much of a stretch to you. Bear in mind, the quality of the ingredients within this foundation along with the amount you get in the bottle and the overall make of this product does hold quite a bit of worth to the price.

Overall I do think NARS Sheer Glow is a must-have for anyone out there whose looking for a good foundation that can blend into the face well, has a large array of shades, allows light to heavy coverage and consists of a lot of product that will last you a long time. The price point is a bit high but I personally think it’s a product worth the splurge if you’re deciding to spend a little extra cash for your makeup loving soul. Let me know your thoughts on this foundation as well, I’d love to see your feedback on it!

And that’s it, you guys! I hope you were able to get enough out of this review to either buy your first ever Sheer Glow foundation or be able to get help on how to use it for your skin type. If there’s any questions regarding this post, just comment down below and I will try to assist as much as I can. Until then have a lovely day/night wherever you are and I’ll see you again soon! – A.

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